Marker Pen for Highlight

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THESE PENS ARE UNIQUE AND SUPER SPECIAL! Extravagance when drawing, writing and painting: The Magic Pens give creative DIY projects that certain something! Whether children or adults: Carefree fun for everyone. You can not only paint and write on conventional paper, but also on glass, acrylic and other surfaces - these are real all-rounders! The shiny metallic color selection allows you to create unique designs and fonts in no time. The pens can be used for painting beautiful pictures, writing birthday cards and creating your own DIY projects. FEATURES  Ergonomically shaped (comfortable in the hand) non-toxic (xylene-free) unique outline design suitable for DIY projects easy to use SPECIFICATIONS QTY: 12 PCs Pack Material: PVC, PP Pen Size: 13.2/13.5 cm Color: as the image shows Package: 1 set of Marker Pens

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